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"I like the fact that the sessions are aimed at clearing the deeper, underlying issues that affect my health. Thank you very much..."
- W.A.   Sheffield, U.K.
"I took your stress session today and it was great... I am very pleased... This will be very beneficial to many people and actually it is very economical."
- A.G.   Harrison, NJ
"Thank you for the SAD color therapy.... really helps SAD and depression"
- Karen.   Gilroy, CA
"I have been using the different sessions.... I really enjoy them. I felt very refreshed after the sessions"
- M.J.   Las Vegas, NV
"Thank you for putting such a great program online!"
- New York, NY
"So convenient... I can take sessions for my blood pressure anytime I'm online...even on the road with my iPhone."
- Toronto, Canada
"I have a hurt back... I truly felt it beneficial last time."
- Dan   New York, NY
"For this act of kindness I shall ever remain grateful to you"
- Nitish   Delhi, India
"My co-workers and clients rated it from 1-10 (10 being excellent) 6,8,8 and 10 when we watched the stress relief session together."
- Dan   Rhode Island

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