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Stress Relief, Anxiety, Control High Blood Pressure, Heart, Circulation
This calming, relaxing session is designed to release negativity and trauma, stabilize heart and blood pressure, and contribute to the overall wellness of your circulatory system. An absolute must if you suffer from stress in any way.
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Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD, Depression, Fatigue, Weight Gain
Do you feel depressed when there are less hours of daylight? You're not alone - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, and it affects millions. And this rejuvenating session relieves the physical and emotional fatigue associated with the "Winter Doldrums" - depression, lack of energy, tiredness, weight gain, and loss of sexual interest. Use this session to feel more alive today!
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Headaches and Migraine
Do you suffer from headaches (migraines or otherwise?) Then use this session to help relieve the emotional and physical trauma associated with Headaches and Migraines. Relief is here.
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Energy Pick-Me-Up, Depression, Fatigue, Heart, Lungs, Respiratory System
You'll love this lively session that targets mental fatigue and depression, lungs and respiratory system. No more "tiredness" - you'll come away refreshed and revitalized. Try it today!
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Colds, Flu, Sinus, Allergies, Strengthen Immune System
Do you suffer from chronic cold-type symptoms (like colds, allergies, or the flu?) Then your body will thank you for taking this session, which is specifically targeted to help strengthen your immune system, and keep it in proper balance. Bye bye stuffy nose!
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Creating Wealth and Abundance, Increase Cash Flow, Success
There are almost always underlying subconscious reasons for money problems. This session targets these subconscious reasons, and helps clear failure & wealth restricting issues from within. In also creates an aura of success and abundance, and helps increase your overall cash flow. A must-use if you have any kind of financial issues.
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Your Love Life and Soul Mates, Improve Personal Relationships
An exquisite session specifically designed for attracting a Soul Mate, or improving a relationship you're already in. You've heard of "chemistry", right? Well, that's what this session is about - projecting an aura that helps you create & improve personal relationships, quiet your inner critic, and enhance your overall love life.
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Pain, Sadness, Grief, Depression, Heart
Depression is real, and it affects many. But you don't have to live with it - this session is designed to ease and transform feelings of loss, sadness, hurt, pain, and abandonment. A definite ray of light when you need it most.
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Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Dream Anxiety
We all could use a good nights sleep. Whether you can't fall asleep, stay asleep or suffer from dream anxiety - This session will balance and calm your mental energies and nervous system to help you get a more restful and restorative sleep.
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Brain Boost & Memory
Despite having almost unlimited brain power, most of us use only a tiny percentage of our mental capabilities. This session helps you enhance your mental prowess, and increases your clarity of thought. This leads to enhanced problem solving and better decision making. A smarter "you" awaits.
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Increasing Creativity and Removing Blocks
This session is specifically targeted to remove blocks and unleash your creative side. Use it when you feel 'blocked' or when you want your mental and creative energies to flow more freely.
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Cleanse and Detoxification, Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Gall Bladder
Part of a thorough "detox" is to have your brain tell your body to remove the toxins. And that's what this detoxification color therapy session does. Use it to remove toxins from your body - blood, organs, and internal cleansing. Take this session and feel better today.
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Psoriasis and Skin Irritation
Psoriasis is often emotionaly rooted. This soothing, calming session helps cool and relieve irritation and inflamation while working to clear emotional stress and imbalance.
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Skin Revitalization
Give your skin a real treat. Just as the sunlight affects your skin, so do other colors. This enriching session helps with acne, rosacea, "bad skin" days, and dryness. A virtual tonic for your skin.
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Joints and Muscles, Body Aches
This session is targeted to relieve body aches, soreness, tired muscles, and joint stiffness.
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Kidney Functions, Urinary System
This deep healing session relieves the underlying physical, emotional and spiritual Issues relating to kidney dysfunction and urinary tract issues. If you suffer from any type of problem like this, try this session today.
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Improve Your Career, Job Success
In regards to work success, some people simply get ahead - that much is clear. And it's almost always due to a mindset and an aura than anything else. So this session helps set the proper spiritual aura that leads to better career and job opportunities. Also assists with on-the-Job success. Start climbing that corporate ladder today.
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High Vibration Energy Healing Sessions

Take these sessions separately or with the sessions above. The high frequency, healing vibrations in these sessions further boost and heighten the effectiveness of all the sessons.

High Vibration Healing I
Enhance and Promote "Acceptance" Consciousness. Experience more inner peace and greater acceptance of energy shifting benefits.
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High Vibration Healing II
Enhance and Promote a Greater "Spiritual Connection". Raise your spiritual vibration and connect with the most profound healing energies.
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High Vibration Healing III
Enhance and Promote "Forgiveness" Consciousness. It sometimes takes a lot to forgive - others and ourselves. You'll help yourself reach that point with this session.
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High Vibration Healing IV
Enhance and Promote Spiritual Surrender (aka "Releasing".) Let go of underlying issues that cause imbalance and dis-ease.
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Custom Sessions

Create Your Own
You can make your own session - we'll show you which colors affect which areas, and you can create your own custom session. Target whatever areas you wish.
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